T’s & C’s

General Terms and Conditions

  • Deposits are not refundable in the event of a cancellation
  • 100% cancellation fee will be charged should guests decide to shorten their stay for any reason.
  • Check-in time is between 12 noon and 6 pm. Please phone ahead of time with an approximate time of arrival.
  • Late check-ins to be arranged prior to arrival and may incur a levy “from” R100 per room.
  • No persons other than those quoted for, are permitted to share the accommodation
  • We reserve the right to allocate rooms other than those that have been booked for one night stays.
  • The terms and conditions of this booking are deemed as being accepted on receipt of the deposit.
  • Self-Catering rates include light daily servicing. Washing of dishes and personal laundry can be arranged with housekeeping at an additional fee.
  • We request our guests are always considerate to other guests especially those coming in late at night.
  • Anybody having pet allergies (we have cats), phobias etc please let us know beforehand so our animals can be contained. They need not be a problem especially as they have been trained not to go into the guest rooms.
  • All our rooms are non-smoking.

Child Policy

  • Children of all ages are welcome however they will be charged at our normal room or per person rate.
  • Babies will not be charged for unless using our cot facilities (linen to be supplied by the guest).
  • Waterproof bedding can be supplied on request.
  • Games, jig saw puzzles etc. can be supplied on request.

Pet Policy
We accept pets by arrangement only

Whilst we welcome both you and your precious animals into our establishment we do require a few simple rules be adhered to as a courtesy to our other guests and our cats.

1) The dogs must be kept on leads at all times. The lead also has to be attached to a human!! Running around the garden
unattended with a lead on does not qualify!!
2) Poop scoops to be provided by the owners and any “landmines” to be picked up as a courtesy to our other guests.
3) No bathing of the animals in the bath (this applies mainly to large and medium dogs. Toy and miniature breeds may be
bathed provided steps are taken to ensure their claws do not scratch the bath surface.)
4) Dogs are not allowed in the beds or on the furniture. Should your dogs not be in cages, the owner must provide adequate
covers for the furniture and bedding.
5) Neither, the Management or their Agents, take responsibility for any injury, accidents or sickness suffered by the dogs whilst on our property.
6) The owner of the visiting animal is solely responsible for any damages/injury to property, guests, guests property or our
animals caused as a direct result of their animals.
7) Should the dogs be housed in our rooms and not in trailers, please note a surcharge of R20 per animal per day will apply.
8) Owners are requested to ensure their animals do not inconvenience or create a nuisance for our other guests and the pets that live on the property.

We have had the privilege of accommodating many show dogs and their owners over the years and have found all the owners to be extremely responsible and a pleasure to have.


  • We do not allow Unneutered male cats or cats that may spray.
  • The owner will be responsible for any damage as a result of scratching, climbing curtains etc.
  • All cats are to be inoculated for and be clear of any feline transferable diseases.

Adequate precaution must be kept to prevent damage to furniture or flooring as a result of mess falling from the cages.

Lost and Found
Lindisfarne B&B will inform guests of any ‘Lost’ goods if ‘Found’ by means of an email or phone call. All “Lost & Found” items will be kept on the premises for a period of 30 (thirty) days only. Thereafter should the goods not be claimed Lindisfarne B&B reserves the right to discard thereof. If a guest claims their goods; he / she must agree in writing to collect it within a specified time. If the goods are not collected within the specified time Lindisfarne B&B will dispose of it by handing it to the ‘Hospice’. Furthermore Lindisfarne B&B shall not be responsible for claims of any lost goods or the safety of any goods kept for a guest after their departure.